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Extensive market coverage via email, instant message or voice.

Technical Analysis on macro picture including futures and spot.  Morning macro technical report (Technical Sentry), intraday actionable alerts, customized analysis. Equities, Fixed Income, Currencies, Commodities, Energy, Grains

Vast global network after 25+ years experience covering large institutional and hedge fund clients. 

David Wienke
315 Lionel Road Riverside, IL 60546

David Wienke began career at Kidder Peabody in 1985 working on the CBOT floor covering  institutional accounts.   Studying floor traders and how they reacted to technical price action helped with execution practices for his institutional and prop trading clients.  Triquetra Resources, Ltd is a culmination of years of practice providing institutional clients with actionable  technical alerts in multiple asset groups.  Pattern analysis incorporates Fibonacci levels, moving averages, trend lines and momentum indicators.  Analysis is succinct and simple to read, searching the charts for long and short term patterns.  An important integral in the work is correlating multiple contracts, using spreads and related market price action for clues to directional moves and potential inflection points.

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